About This Nonsense

Trumpithets is the beautiful brainfart of an incredibly hard-working and passionate artist who wins for a living in the Emerald City. This intrepid nerd needed to find a way to remain politically engaged without having to talk with anyone about politics ever again. He also really needed many many huge laughs.

Where did this amazing idea come from?

A fateful Google search for the word "cockwomble" led down a scary-funny rabbit hole that revealed hundreds of fantastically illustratable epithets.

Bing bing bong bong bing bing bing. A lightbulb illuminated and this artist exclaimed, “someone needs to illustrate these nicknames!” Turns out, the artist knew of an amazing pencil jockey.

What is this really classy project about?

Trumpithets aspires to inspire by finding humor in a humorless, increasingly intolerant world by caricaturing the unabashedly ignominious leader of said "incivility". What comes around goes around.

This fantastic project is a celebration of language and the tremendously magical images that words can conjure. It’s about creativity – You know, that terrible thing your children can learn in school that twists their itty bitty minds into yuuuge minds and helps them learn to solve problems and think for themselves.

Hate him or love him, Trumpithets is paying homage to creativity by bringing to life the many many voices from around the world who have contributed their linguistic genius to describing a [insert multiple adjectives] man-child who represents the squinty-eyed face of our beautiful kakistocracy to the rest of a baffled world.

Is this political? No, this isn't purely political. But it’s not apolitical either. It’s both editorial and political. Trumpithets is “edipolitical” cartooning.

If a talking Cheeto is the terrible consequence of this loser corporate-sponsored shit-show we call Democracy … ART IS THE CURE. And maybe, China.

Which brings us to ...

The Anger Disclaimer

No doubt some of you incredible men and women will find this disrespectful or offensive or unpatriotic or whatever you need to feel to jump start your limbic system and get your amygdala firing uncontrollable ragey lightning bolts out of your eyeballs. That’s ok. You do what you need to do. You probably haven't read this far anyway.

But if any of this upsets you, that’s your huge issue to discuss with your amazing therapist. Please log off this site and call to make an appointment post haste and learn how to turn your not-so-beautiful frown upside down. Because your hate mail won't do anything to rationalize why you're angry about a silly cartoon(s).

$1 from each t-shirt sold will be donated to the Natural Resources Defense Council

By purchasing amazing apparel products from Trumpithets, you will be supporting this awesome project, helping support efforts to address global warming, and helping an amazeballs artist pay for his soon-to-be bigly unaffordable health care.

This artist knows $1 doesn’t sound like much. When this project breaks even, donations will increase. It’s that simple.

From the Artist

"Life is too damned short to be angry all the time about shit beyond your immediate control. There is ALWAYS something to laugh about ... And it just so happens there is an orange-tinted Oompa Loompa in the Oval Office who rightfully deserves every laugh, snicker, and snort garnered at his expense."

"I've always followed my passion and forged ahead with my ideas (on a tattered shoestring) because I believe in what I am doing. If I can inject a little levity into your day and maybe even get you to giggle, I consider that a bigly "win". The kind of "win" that the man who inspired this project will never understand."

Yuuuuge thanks for stopping by and cracking your huge, beautiful smile.

Trumpithets is just getting started.


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