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reductio ad reviewum

Twitter icon as Hitler-stache on Trump. If that doesn't get you into some fun, awkward conversations nothing probably will. And since we all end up in those awkward conversations might as well cut straight to the chase, Godwin be damned.

Everyone needs this!

All of your designs are laugh out loud (though scary as a toddler is President). I bet all the political and late night talk shows would latch onto these pronto!!!!


I love it!! Made me laugh pretty good on this one! his skin!

This is awesome and hilarious!!! Great work! I love it!!

Keep tweeting dumbass!!

I love this!!! His tweets are his own demise and I love it!! Great work on this!!! Brilliant!

He IS a toddler!!

I absolutely love this illustration!! Amazing T shirt!! Amazing!!! And hilarious but true... his face!

This is hilarious and oh so true!! Brilliant!!

Oh, Twitter

I hope he keeps tweeting...his own demise!! This is awesome!!

Gotta love Europeans!!

This absolutely cracks me up!! I LOVE it!!!!!!

This is awesome!

I absolutely love this!!

I want this!

This is hilarious and oh so true!! Love it!!!

Best thing ever!

I love how you used Jon's nickname! The illustration is nothing short of AWESOME!!!

Happy Feels Up

It's hard to choose what to buy because all of the illustrations are amazing, so amazing, and I know amazing. This one I like for being fairly abstract at first glance as outline only. Plus, low contrast is my great. It's the greatest.

The peope will stare at it in the checkout line, and my checkout lines have all of the the best people, believe me, and the next thing you know, a moment later they will get it. And we will both realize that in this new reality, we are both qualified to be POTUS, which is both exciting and terrifying. Sad!

I hope Frederick Douglass, who is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, sees me in this shirt.

"Non-uniform days"

It's perfect! Now I get to speak my mind without saying a thing!